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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 2  CNN  March 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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it could tell us more about ted cruz's campaign. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. we're only minutes away when officials start counting republican votes in hawaii. 19 delegates are on the line right now. hawaii is a caucus state and that could bolster ted cruz. he's won 11 states so far. if cruz wins in hawaii, he could argue more forcefully that is he the only viable alternative to donald trump. i want to walk over to our panel. there is a moment that the republicans have to appreciate the fact that donald trump has done so well in two very different states, michigan and mississippi. >> yeah. and i think they do appreciate it. and i think that the folks who want to stop trump also should appreciate it this evening because their job just got a lot tougher. you saw that marco rubio didn't
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do anything this evening. ted cruz wants to position himself as the chief challenger to trump and he won idaho and all roads to the white house go through idaho i guess. >> if not hawaii. >> if not hawaii. we'll see. so look, i think -- i think that donald trump is in a commanding position, but as john was saying, let's see next week is going to be dispositive. let's see what happens in florida and ohio. >> a week from tonight on the republican side, 60% of the delegates have been allocated. >> is he stoppable? >> i think he's stoppable, but highly unlikely. i do think this debate on thursday is pretty big because this is the last chance to throw something his way before super tuesday.
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i do believe campaigns are tests to see how you deal with pressure. i think there's going to be a lots of pressure on donald trump on thursday night and if he makes a mistake it could influence -- we've seen in the past have not been good weeks. >> there's a democratic presidential debate wednesday night at miami that cnn will broadcast. on thursday night there's a debate as well. >> i think the most interesting person to watch is ted cruz. ted cruz is fairly close to donald trump in delegates. he's the only one in the field who has even remote chance of getting -- besides trump getting to that 1,200. he's been running as far to the right as he can. he doesn't have an economic message. the question -- he doesn't do well generally outside of red states. can he broaden out, can he
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somehow develop some kind of message because there are some people in the republican party who have hungry for an alternative to donald trump. >> his answer is let's any be the last man standing with donald trump and i will beat him and there's polling to suggest that that might happen. the problem is that there's no evidence that the field is going to go away. the problem is that this republican establishment that is so fearful of trump loathes cruz and they're not interested in that scenario. so i'm sure that he will make that point. >> if kasich lost, then the question will be can he compete in states like new york, pennsylvania, connecticut. >> no. >> probably not, but he's the only one who will be left to have any chance is th. >> kasich said if he doesn't win ohio he won't go on. >> that leaves cruz as the only guy left. >> then the establishment has a
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question to answer, the guy they don't like or the guy they don't like. >> you're a trump supporter. what do you think? >> i think the establishment is going to come around to realize that trump is the guy or they can throw everything at cruz, but the problem is the primary math shifts to the northeast and new york and then california. these are places that donald trump is at a much bigger advantage than ted cruz. so i think they're going to wake up and say trump's the guy. do we want trump or hillary clinton. >> do you agree? >> i think there's an establishment part here that does not like cruz, but there are plenty of conservatives that are happy to take cruz over trump. the other thing is when you're talking about kasich staying in and maybe grabbing ohio and rubio having a chance at florida, i think cruz shoots himself in the foot by competing in florida because if you lose those big winner take all states and they go to trump, his percentage he has to get in
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those states that are not as good for him goes up. you can keep it lower -- >> you think that cruz is really the only alternative on the republican side now to donald trump? >> it certainly looks like it. cruz is a cold calculating killer. ordinarily -- look at this guy. >> in the sweetest way possible. >> politically speaking you look at a kasich, you look at a rubio and you think to yourself give them a little bit of oxygen. no. he says i am willing to gamble it all to knock rubio out even if i mess it up and wind up giving donald trump the delegates because the only way i can win is to be -- if i wind up in a brokered convention i have a better chance of getting the
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nomination than cruz. >> if it's cruz versus trump, the only two republicans left standing and they have a debate, who wins? >> donald trump. know how we get to the the point where donald trump loses. i had to give donald trump credit the other day because all donald trump has proven throughout this process is that he wins. tonight donald trump won again. so i don't have anything in the history books that tells manage he to bet against donald trump. i will give you one note for thursday night. you're going up against marco rubio, i've been on the debate stage, marco rubio at home has nothing to lose. he's going to be an extremely dangerous candidate on that stage and john kasich for the first time is going to be attacked with attacked. i hope over the next two nights his team is preparing him because he could lose it all. >> rubio will have a friendly
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crowd at miami and the crowds have made a difference. >> why would they attack kasich? >> he's the one who is making the move. he's the one that tonight won delegates. he is at 16. he's positioning himself being that establishment lane candidate. who would have guessed at the beginning of this with jeb bush and chris christie, with marco rubio that the last establishment candidate standing would be john kasich. >> rubio still way outweighs in the number of delegates. >> earlier tonight donald trump spoke about florida and ohio. listen to this. >> so we are going to do something i think we're going to clean the slate, i think we're going to do really well in florida. it's my second home. i love florida. i love florida. [cheers and applause] >> i love florida, a special place. i think we're going do really well. i think we're going to do really well in ohio. but i love ohio.
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i have so many friends in ohio. it's an amazing place. >> if it's just cruz and trump in a debate, what happens? >> it will be like hillary and bernie. >> will it be policy issues or will it be personal. >> i think it will be a combination of both. going back to florida, i know a little bit about florida, donald trump is -- it's not always good, but donald trump is going to do well in the pan handle of florida. the question is can marco rubio run up the number in the i-4 corridor and in southern florida and without those countries this could be a trump night. >> four candidates in the race. >> this is where potentially cruz could help marco rubio because cruz's strength would be in the panhandle in northern florida and then if he splits that with donald trump maybe it
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gives rubio a chance to eek it out with a big victory in southern florida. >> can i address the point about the states that are upcoming. we talked about some vulnerabilities in hillary clinton that showed up in the vote today, one thing that interested me is there's a growing gender gap opening up for donald trump. he won 45% of the men in michigan and 29% of the women. he and kasich tied among women. he won 51% of the men. 46% women. in the national polls this is showing too. so this is a problem for him moving forward even if he advances. >> ted cruz has a gender gap too. it's interesting because the two leading candidates have trouble with women voters. >> what do you think. >> i have a quick point about rubio. which rubio shows up? is it going to the statesman like that we say for the entire campaign up until two weeks ago
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or is it going to be a rubio who throws fire bombing if the fire bombing had worked he would have done better at any titonight. >> did the fire bombing hurt rubio? >> he had so much pressure going on. i can't imagine what he's thinking about as he's preparing for thursday night. >> he campaigned harder. >> he has more offices than me. you think about the fact that he has to be thinking about his future in the republican party. >> he's go the some math built up in his favor for early voting where he is shown to be ahead of trump and the trump strength in the pass has been the early voting so he'll have to switch that dynamic. >> with we shouldn't write
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rubio's obit yet. one thing about him, he knows how to come back. i remember when he had that crazy like water bottle moment and yet somehow he came back. he froze up with the chris christie thing. these working class kids in american politics, whether you're talking about bill clinton or anybody else, these working class kids say i'm going to be somebody. i'm going to show people that we are valuable. we have something. they are hard to beat down and you're going to watch this guy. he knows the whole world's watching him. writing him off is too early. >> that's the rubio that i sat here and said that as a democrat he terrifies me. it's the one who tells the story of who he is. the last three weeks it's been a shell of that individual. he has gone away from the marco rubio who i thought was the most dangerous republican candidate running for office. >> this is where experience on a
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national platform really matters. he overreacted when chris christie accused him of being too robotic. then suddenly he wasn't robotic anymore and it doesn't work. his brand got sulyed and now i agree with andy you have to show who shows up in florida because he has to look for presidential than he's been looking the last couple of weeks. >> i think one of the problems is that any of these candidates who appeals to you doesn't appeal to the republican base. there are candidates who might be good general election candidates who simply don't do it for the republican base that is in a whole different place. >> just to go back to point, we've been building up donald
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trump and these issues that may play out in a hillary clinton case, but barack obama destroyed mitt romney with women in 2012. if she's running against donald trump who can't get a woman to come out and vote, it's going to be double that. you were talking about general election candidates and donald trump has a serious flaw when it comes to that. >> i want to play another clip. this is marco rubio speaking about a potential race against hillary clinton. >> if we lose this election to hillary clinton, obamacare is permanent. all those unconstitutional orders are permanent. the next supreme court justice is liberal. if we lose this election the consequences are generational. we can't afford to nominate who is not a conservative and we cannot afford to nominate someone who is not a conservative that can win. hillary clinton attacks me more
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than any other republican because she doesn't want to run against me, but i cannot wait to run against hillary clinton. >> he's basically saying that trump can't win, can't beat hillary clinton. >> even that clip shows you that rubio is a talented speaker, but the electorate right now wants an economic message. if you look at the numbers donald trump is that business leader that they want and they don't want another person who hasn't held an actual job outside of politics. >> i think rubio also has had a problem with being the goldy locks candidate. if you want the most conservative candidate you're going to cruz and if want the most moderate candidate you're going to kasich. >> he's tied to being the second choose. one thing we should say on this electability issue that he continues to sell, in these two contests tonight he did not do
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well among the candidates who said electability was the most important quality. it seems as if republicans have moved on and concluded that he's not the most electable. >> 58 for trump and 43 for cruz and 16 for john kasich. zero so far for marco rubio. >> he's the perfect candidate on paper. young, aspiring, latino, et cetera, but you have to organization, you have to have roots and you have to have a following is this he turns out to be like a republican john edwards. not with the scandal, but john edwards looked on paper tale talented. you know a candidate wins when they reflect the mood of the
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party at at moment. he doesn't do rage well. what the republican party really wanted in a lot of ways was rage. it turned out that donald trump and even ted cruz in some ways are better at promising to burn things down than marco rubio. >> i think he does rage well against hillary clinton. what he doesn't do is talk to the base of the republican party and that his problem because he might be able to do very well in a debate with hillary clinton, but he has to get the nomination first and he's nowhere near it. >> words you never want to utter if you're running for president is i'm waiting to see how hawaii turns out. >> let me just say, we're waitli waiting to see how hawaii turns out. let's take another quick break and update you on what's going on in hawaii when we come back.
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>> the bernie sanders campaign, the people's revolution that we are talking about, the political revolution that we're talking about is strong in every part of the country and frankly we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> senator bernie sanders, the winner of the michigan democratic presidential primary. is he realistic with that expectation that he's only just beginning? >> well, i mean i think that bernie sanders had a great night tonight, but to just all of a sudden say that hillary clinton is completely out of the game, that she's lost, it's not a fair narrative because it's not a reality. hillary clinton came out tonight and expanded the delegate lead. we're doing to have a tussle in ohio and illinois. i look forward to this debate we
10:22 pm
have coming up tomorrow. it's a grind. one thing i don't want to face and i think donna and the democrats on the panel can attest to is whenever hillary clinton gets her back near the wall, she does extremely and she's a great campaigner. i like the fact that people are putting her up against the wall. >> a big debate wednesday night in miami. >> that's tonight. >> go ahead. >> this was so important for bernie sanders for two reasons. one, there was a knock on him that said basically this dude appeals to white people and nobody else. he cannot break through with black voters and he cannot do it. the reality is you cannot be a creditable democrat if you cannot get black votes. tonight he broke that myth. he was able to show he can grow. he didn't dominate her. she still won far more black votes than she did, but he grew
10:23 pm
his share. number two, momentum is spelled money. he is now going to have cash which he wouldn't have gotten and this is going to make him more of a presence long term. >> can he use that momentum moving into next tuesday? >> i think he can and people like a winner and they respond to that. i think bernie is making a statement here and he's moving forward and you're not going to shut him up. and he was also charmingly unaware that he was going to win tonig tonight. >> what do you think? >> i think there's a huge surprise tonight and that's bernie sanders wins michigan. that's a huge story. it's a good night for trump for his big wins, but even bigger than that hillary clinton's weakness in a state that's going to be incredibly important in
10:24 pm
november that looks similar to pennsylvania and ohio is a big take takeaway. >> he won parts of michigan that came as a surprise to him. >> i think one of the heart warming surprises is that bernie sanders won the dearborn county. when you compare that to what's happening with donald trump who has called for banning all muslims into the united states, i think it shows a moral difference where the democrat party is right now and where some on the republican party are. >> your big takeaway for bernie tonight. >> here is the news i have to break to everybody she will win the majority of delegates tonight because of her win in mississippi and because of her victory in detroit. 246 delegates in florida, 184 in missouri, 15 9 and i'm missing a
10:25 pm
state -- >> missouri. >> i forgot the show me state. this is a huge win for bernie. hillary has won 22 states and she leads. bernie has to continue to win big. >> he had a big win. she had a good night. on the republican side, i think as we've beaten to death rubio had a bad night which has implications for next week which trump seems to be in a good position to win. john kasich didn't win second in michigan. the stop trump project has run into a problem here. >> i want to take this forward to the debates coming up, because tonight is going to be a huge debate for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. they went at it in flint. i think the stakes are very high for both of them. also on the republican debate,
10:26 pm
the next night, i think the challenge for trump is going to be to be more presidential. i don't think his speech tonight after winning was particularly gracious. it was an infomercial. i think the challenge is to act like a president. >> the focus swings to florida right now. wednesday night 9:00 p.m. eastern. the democratic presidential debate live from miami and thursday night cnn hosts a republican presidential debate at the university of miami. that starts at 8:30 eastern only here on cnn. our election coverage continues after a quick break. hello! thank you. yes, thank you. now that we represent the bud light party, we need a little security. so we found the toughest person that we know. blam!
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you may have ibs. bloating? ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. welcome to a special morning after super tuesday section well edition. >> we want to welcome our viewers here in the u.s. and
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around the world. >> a flat out shocker in the democratic race. bernie sanders pretty much out of nowhere beat hillary clinton in the michigan primary. hillary clinton did win mississippi by a really big margin and she did win the most delegates tonight, but the bernie sanders win in michigan was in a word huge. this is what bernie sanders had to say about it. >> what can tonight means is that the bernie sanders campaign, the people's revolution that we are talking about, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country and frankly we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> all right. now, the democratic delegate count as it stands right now this morning, let's throw it up there. hillary clinton at 1234, bernie sanders 567. that does include super delegates, but even if you take
10:32 pm
them out hillary clinton has more than a 200 delegate lead and she built on that tonight. >> donald trump, it was his night. trump sweeping to victory in the michigan around mississippi primaries dominating the republican field in those two major races. there was also a primary in idaho won by ted cruz. caucuses in hawaii, we're waiting for details any moment from hawaii. trump though at his victory news conference taking aim at his opponents' attack ads calling them $38 million worth of horrible lies. >> i think what this shows really more than anything else is that advertising is not as important. it really isn't as important as competence because there has never been more money spent on hitting somebody than was spent on me. >> the republican delegate count trump is clearly in the lead,
10:33 pm
447 delegates, cruz coming in second with 346, rubio 154, john kasich on the board with 53. a additidisappointing night for. can he hang on to compete next week in his home state of florida. incredibly important now. we have more on the winners and losers and what it means going for. a stunner in michigan. donald trump basically gets his mo jo back. >> we were not expecting sanders to win in michigan. i think the clinton folks were not expecting this, the sander folks were not expecting this and you see the results with 97% of the votes counted. sanders at 50% and clinton at 48.8%. the fact that sanders won is a
10:34 pm
big victory for him and it goes to show that hillary clinton who has been lohoping to focus on t general election, she's not able to put away the nomination quite yet. >> not at all. it shows bernie sanders can compete in areas that aren't connected to vermont, it shows that bernie sanders can compete in states that have an african-american population. it changes a little bit of the game even though hillary clinton absolutely did win more delegates tonight because she had that win in mississippi. talk about the republicans tonight because michigan and mi mississippi, two states not close to each other and donald trump winning them. >> showing he can win across regional lines and win different kinds of people. folks in mississippi, traditional sort of southern stated and then in michigan where he sought to win over blue collar working class republicans and cruz pulling off his seventh win in idaho and we are waiting
10:35 pm
for results to come in the hawaii republican caucuses and for kasich and rubio so far, they have had zero victories tonight and this is a particularly disappointing night for marco rubio. and it cements basically what we have known for awhile that donald trump is clearly the republican front-runner and for ted cruz i think going forward and starting tomorrow he continues to make the case that he's clearly the only republican in the field who has a shot at taking on donald trump. >> stick with us. we're going to bring in cnn analyst. what a night in michigan. looking at how much money they spent in michigan, bernie sanders outspent hillary clinton in michigan. she really focussed on this new attack about the auto bailout. did it not work? >> apparently not. what we saw is bernie sanders and john kasich spent a lot of time in michigan. it seems to have paid off.
10:36 pm
it's hard to tell how the different policy arguments effected the votes, but hillary clinton did very poorly with young voters. she did poorly with voters who made their decision early. they did poorly with independents. so what we see is that the trends that are haunting the clinton campaign continue to haunt them and as they look to the election they have to note that she's striuggling in all te purple states. so even if bernie sanders late stand can't really change the trajectory of the race is that hillary clinton is still on path to secure the nomination, this spells all sorts of trouble for her in the general election. >> obviously bernie sanders happy tonight. i think they were surprised by the outcome. listen to what bernie sanders has to say. >> what the american people are saying is that they are tired of
10:37 pm
a corrupt campaign finance system and super pacs funded by wall street and the billionaire class. they are tired of a rigged economy in which people in michigan, people in illinois, people in ohio are working longer hours for low wages, worried to death about the future of their kids, and yet almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1% and the people of america are tired of a broken criminal justice system in which we have more people in jail largely african-american, latino, native american, more people in jail than any other major country on earth. >> he's been singing that theme song and he has been hitting it over and over again. >> he made the point of saying looking ahead to ohio, the michigan victory tonight is big for him. next week you have ohio and illinois where i think they feel now more confident that they can
10:38 pm
compete there. hillary clinton did win more delegates, but had she won more states i think people would say to bernie sanders it may be over. now he's going forward. >> i think what you're seeing is bernie sanders has done better with white voters than hillary clinton. that showed today as he heads into the rest of the rust belt states, that favors him. that mean she has to focus on him. she has to continue to appeal to bernie's voters, but at the same time she can't assume that she's going to runaway with this thing. >> you heard that sound from him. he has been singing that theme song again and song going to the heart of what some of these voters have been talking about. hillary clinton talking about policy tones about how to fix things. he goes straight for the heart.
10:39 pm
has that been helping him? >> if you look at the exit polling tonight from managichig for the folks who thought international trade takes away from jobs, sanders won 56% of those voters and then voters who are worried about the u.s. economy sanders wins 56% to 42%. so you can tell from these members that sanders' message is resonating in a state like michigan and as you said when the sanders camp is looking ahead to the contest in ohio they're going to think this is a message that clearly worked for us in a state like michigan, let's keep moving ahead in a state like ohio. >> i want to shift to the republicans right now, because they are counting votes in hawaii. they have wrapped up and they're counting. this is our very first look at the raw numbers.
10:40 pm
you can see donald trump with an 81 vote lead, but that could change in a heartbeat. we do have on the phone with us right now the chairman of the hawaii republican party. fritz, thank you for being with us. talk to me about turnout. how many people turned out to these caucuses tonight? >> four years ago we had about 10,000. we think we're going to be well above that tonight. it seems like all of the polling locations were packed and full so we're excited to hear what the total will be, but we think it's going to be great. >> do you have any early vote totals that you're seeing. donald trump has an 81 vote lead. are you seeing numbers earlier than we are? >> no, you're seeing what i'm seeing and that is correct is this you talked about the turnout. what's energizing voters this
10:41 pm
time around. >> it's the most exciting republican presidential nominating process of perhaps our lifetime and people in hawaii are excited to be able to be participating in that. it showed in the locations that i visited tonight. there were folks from all over, from all walks coming in and having their voice so it's a wonderful thing. >> now, we don't get a lot of information often on the mainland here about hawaii politics, even less so about republican politics in hawaii, it's largely seen as a democratic state, but which campaigns have had a presence over the last few weeks. i saw rick season santorum was there for marco rubio campaigning over the last few days. that's a rough assignment. >> the rubio campaign had a surrogate who did come to hawaii and he was here on sunday and monday and also today, but there
10:42 pm
were also call-in interviews to the radio stations by john kasich and donald trump and i know the cruz campaign has been a very active campaign and they have a lot of volunteers. so it's been a very high-participation from all of the campaigns. >> donald trump likes to say that he's got hotels and buildings everywhere. one of the things he has said is he has people who work for him in hawaii. does donald trump have a presence in hawaii independent of his politics. >> he does. there's hotels here, trump hotel. he's a national celebrity so it's not a big shock that a lot of people are interested in finding out about him and supporting him. >> all right. fritz, the chair of the hawaii republican party. thanks for being with us. we'll check back with you.
10:43 pm
this is your first look right now with 13% of precincts reporting. donald trump with an 81 vote lead. the chairman says he expects the turnout to be north of 10,000 so there's a long way to go here. >> he said that the view from the republicans in hawaii is the most exciting republican side of the race in their lifetime. >> cnn reporter and the reporter fo fore"the new york times." let's get your headlines on the race tonight. start with the democratic side, that's what we've been talking about. >> hillary clinton is going to come out of this with some delegates and she's the front-runner. i think this continues to raise concerns about hillary clinton in the general election which is the last conversation that she
10:44 pm
wants to be having right now. her hope was that she could wrap this up after big wins on south carolina and on super tuesday and that's the case. the democrat primary race keeps being extended out and it looks poised to go as far as june and bernie sanders is going to give her a run for her money in the northern states. he's going to make the case that he should be able to broaden his support. i think the hillary clinton campaign is not happy with how this night turned out despite whatever they may tell you. >> a couple of nights ago they were -- i guess down playing expectations from hillary that it wouldn't be a runaway. they really got this wrong. there must be hand wringing in the campaign tonight. >> i think there's a decent amount of hand wringing from across the board from folks who polled michigan and saw it as a
10:45 pm
state that was a natural fit for hillary clinton and a place with her power from unions and decades in democratic politics really ought to have carried her across the finish line, but when you look at the exit polls the biggest number that pops out to me is the difference in her supporters among independent spo supporters who he won by a big margin. a lot of the surveys were focusing on that's partisan democrats who made up about two-thirds of the electorate. >> everyone stand by. much more to talk about including the votes from hawaii. we could get a call in that race sometime in the next hour. there's a lot going on here at cnn. we're calling it march madness. bernie sanders and hillary clinton after the shocking result in michigan, they have a debate that we are airing tonight on cnn 9:00 eastern
10:46 pm
time, that will be followed by a special post debate and then on thursday cnn has the republican presidential debate from the university of miami, marco rubio's last chance really to change the trajectory of this race which for him is not going up. all right. coming up as we said the results in michigan leave a whole lot of people scratching their heads. what happened? how did everyone get this so wrong? that's next. esurance was born online. which means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless, which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools, so you only pay for what's right for you, which saves money. they settle claims quickly, which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet, which saves gas, which saves money. they were born online, and built to save money, which means when they save, you save.
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i want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan. the polls the us down a few days
10:51 pm
ago. the pundits said bernie sanders was not going anywhere. >> pretty much everything pointed to a hillary clinton victory, but bernie sanders scored a shocking upset. how did he do it? what does it mean for the race going forward? that is the headline of the night on the democratic side. what happened here? he surprised everyone in michigan. >> i can tell you that with the clinton campaign there is an autopsy that is now being performed even as the results were starting to come in and the state had not been called, there were a lot of clinton allies and aids starting to think about what went wrong why did we lose a state that we should have won and i think one of the things that keeps coming up is this idea that perhaps clinton just simply did not campaign aggressively enough in the state. you all remember in nevada and
10:52 pm
south carolina one thing that was very striking about what clinton did in those states was that she campaigned very aggressively, kept a packed schedule in both of those states. in michigan it sounds like it appears that she did not have the same kind of packed schedule. the other thing is that aids are starting to wonder whether clinton sort of lost site of the goal and the short-term goal which is that she has to win the nomination first and maybe she started to look ahead at the general election a little too soon. >> she started talking about the general election in her speeches over the last few days. her travel was not extensive and it was focussed on african-american communities almost exclusively. in michigan and i think we do have those numbers, she did win the black vote in michigan. right now you can see that, clinton 65-31. it's not anywhere near what we
10:53 pm
saw in the south where she was above 80% in some places with the african-american voters. >> bernie sanders is reasoning what he sewed. he brought out a lot of liberal black leaders in michigan. they were very active on the trail and social media and doing interviews. it didn't have enough of an effect. we also saw that hillary clinton lost independent voters in michigan 71-28. she won democrats and she lost independents by such a large mann margin she lost the state overall. it shows that the basic trajectory of who is getting what vote has not changed. >> some of these polls are fascinating. we look at trade.
10:54 pm
hillary clinton talking about policy, bernie sanders talking about trade hurting american jobs. we asked people as they were leaving the polls in michigan, does trade with another countries take away u.s. jobs, 58% said yes it does. was that an important tipping point for bernie sanders last night? >> sure. i think the resonance of message across this rust belt is really critical to sanders' appeal in michigan and a number of other states that are coming up. that's the bigger picture of why tonight is important. i don't think it changes the broad trajectory of this race, but we're heading into a number of states like illinois, like ohio, a little bit later in the calendar, wisconsin, where if bernie sanders has proven in michigan that this sort of hard
10:55 pm
edged hard left anti-trade sort of bottom up economic message can work just enough for him to scrape out a bear majority, maybe it can work in some of these other states coming up where i think we would have expected clinton to have a strong advantage. strong advantage. >> one last
10:56 pm
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order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. we want to welcome all our viewers for this coverage. >> a big story out of michigan where bernie sanders despite what everyone said going in, all the polls showed going in, he upsets hillary clinton in the state of michigan


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